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The most popular way of being part of all the action that we have at Chaos Hour is to be part of the Chaos Legion! The Chaos Legion is a small exciting group of people who show their support to the website and community in more ways than one. By doing this they are entitled to a huge array of promotions and prizes which are primarily exclusive to them. When you become part of the Chaos Legion you get granted a certain set of additional bonuses and advantages.

Benefits of the Chaos Legion Include:

Exclusive Competitions & Giveaways
Constant Access To All Giveaways
Exclusive Content Offline & Online
Priority To Online Games & Viewer Games
Personal Access To The Streamers
You Become an Influential Part Of a Growing Community
A Key Voice In The Future Plans Of Chaos Hour
You're own personal Highlight on the ChaosHour Website.

How To Become Part Of The Chaos Legion

Subscription Via Website

One of the easiest and most supportive ways of contributing to the website is to subscribe to our monthly programme which nets you all the previous benefits and more. There are two different Tiers "Soldier" or "Elite". Both have their own advantages and may cater to your needs in seperate ways. 

For a full range of the benefits and rewards please be sure to check out our Chaos Legion features Page.

Become a Patreon

Patreon is a crowd supporting platform which gives you insight into how we make the decisions that we make. You also get access to work in progress videos and files which show the online streams and more coming together. You will also have access to personal vlogs by Padraig Balch the Founder and will be ability to contribute in making some key decisions which will push Chaos Hour forward.

By Being Awesome

Regardless of how you support we are thankful for every minute that you spend with us. Overtime you may be eligable to join the ranks of the Chaos Legion due to your continued dedication and activity on our website. By spreading the word and helping on various events is an easy way to being part of the legion!