How to Fix and Test your Internet Connection

Games running sluggish? Lag effecting your win rate? Or videos too slow at buffering? We got you covered.


More often than not a fragile internet connection may be the only thing between us being top of the score board or waiting in distress as “waiting to re-connect” prompts our screen while gaming. Or even worse when your studying online and those important videos of yours begin to ‘buffer’ for an agonizing amount of time.

If a slow internet connection or a faulty connection is bothering you then we have put together the best ways to test your internet connection and what you can do to ensure you are getting the most out of your bandwidth.

How to test the speed of your internet connection.

There are various tools online that will test the speed of your connection however, ‘Speed Test‘ is a god send. Not only does it test your connection from your closest internet source but it also reveals to you an estimate of your download and upload speeds by pinging back and forth.

To test your Internet connection Simply visit the website and click on the location in which you wish to test from. Your computer will begin to send data packages to determine your speeds. Once completed you will be granted with an image which shows your results in which you can then share with your family and friends. But what’s most important about this image is the fine details it delivers.

Ping:  Your current connection rate in ms. Usually the lower the better with fibre broadband then you are expected to have anywhere between 10-40ms when either gaming or using the internet.

Download Speed: Your potential download power however Its important to remember that this is capped depending on your download source. Some servers may struggle to deliver you that kind of download power however most gaming servers allow for high speeds up to 100mb download and more!

Upload Speed: Upload speed determines how much information you can send up to the world wide web. Particular useful when it comes to streaming online and uploading large databases. If you’re interested in streaming online it’s important that you get at least 3mb upload minimum for good quality streaming.


Improving Internet connection.

“my internet connection is too slow” is something which I often hear however there are a few quick tips and obvious ways in which you can improve internet connection. Here’s just some of them:

Close all un-necessary tabs in browsers

Some websites have a lot of scripts which continuously mine for information or adverts which leech your bandwidth. When you have these tabs running in the background of your browsers then they continue to leech bandwidth until closed. If you’re looking for a smoother ride online close them all!

Check what your fellow users are doing!

If your sister or brother are streaming videos at a rapid rate then they will leech your bandwidth while you are gaming! Frustrating I know. If you are suffering a lot of lag or high ping frequencies then it may be down to their internet habits.

Time of Day

Heavy residential areas are sometimes using the same line. So this means at certain peak times everyone from your local area will be taking a chunk of your line bandwidth. It’s important to get an internet package which allows you to have a dedicated line. Also a package which does not cap your data usage would be ideal.

Close all un-necessary background applications and programmes.

To check if you’re running any background applications then simply visit your Task Manager. This will give you a run down on any potential leeches you may be running. If the programme within the list has no contribution to your gaming then be sure to close it. It’s always useful to clean up your task manager as it will allow you to keep tabs on any malicious software or dead weight software your PC may be running.

Upgrade! Upgrade! Upgrade!

No one likes slow internet and with a variety of various different telephone companies they are offering more and more affordable packages which come with a big punch. Fibre-optic is clearly the way to go if you’re interested in aggressive gaming and heavy streaming.

If you have any advice on how others can fine tweak their internet connection then please post below sharing the knowledge!