It’s important that during play with Realm Royale that your Internet Connection maintains strong and connected. Failure to do this will present you with a tonne of issues which may effect your gaming experience. This Guide is all about how to improve your Realm Royale Lag and Ping on PC.

Realm Royale Lagging On PC?

Lag typically refers to a state of play within a game. This distorts gameplay in the most annoying of fashions. Firstly you will endure frame rate drops, audio stutters, in-accurate representations of the state of play and complete disconnections from online servers.

Players will get hit hard with lag spikes when their ping reaches high numbers. Ping is a basic indicator to represent the speed at which your PC is communicating with the game servers.

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In this troubleshooting guide we’re going to be talking about some quick and easy fixes for lag and high ping while playing Realm Royale on the PC. We’re also going to be detailing how you can get in contact with Hi Rez Studios.  This will allow you to contact them regarding any issues with lag with Realm Royale.

Hi Rez Studios Contact Information.

Having issues with high ping, lag and disconnections on Realm Royale servers? Then it’s important that you reach out to Hi Rez Studios. Their customer care team will be able to provide you with any advice they may have.

Hi Rez Studios are responsible for some of the most energetic and impressive Games available to this day. This Includes Tribes, Smite, Paladins and Much much more. We’re excited for the direction that Realm Royale.

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They will also be able to direct you to their social hubs in which other users may have found a temporary fix for the high ping issues.

Game developers will often work around the clock to ensure game servers stay online. So it’s imperative that they know sooner rather than later for any server side latency issues regardless of where you are in the world.

Quick Fixes that May reduce Realm Royale Lag.

Regardless of the format that you’re playing on. Gaming Desktop, Work Rig, Gaming Laptop or Mac. High Ping and latency will effect you in all the same way.

Due to our experiences with other games and online services. We have created this troubleshooting guide which may identify the reason for your poor connection.

1: Test PC Internet Connection

The first thing you can do to help give us an idea of why you’re Realm Royale is lagging is to test your internet connection. This will give us an insight into if the issue is with your connection and not the Realm Royale servers.

SpeedTest will give you a complete review of your current connection to various servers around the world. It will bounce back details regarding current latency – your download speed – upload speed and more.

It’s imperative that if you’re taking PC Gaming serious especially when playing Realm Royale online that your download speed is strong.

Action : Test your Realm Royale Internet Speeds Now.

Upload speed is also very beneficial when it comes to streaming Realm Royale online via specific services such as Twitch or Youtube.

Once you have completed the test if you’ve noticed that your download speed is slow and not as high as it should be. Then you’ve got reason to be concerned. The following steps will help identify the fault.

2: Try a Wired Ethernet Connection For PC Instead.

If you’re using a wireless router with receiver on your Gaming Laptop, Gaming Rig or Desktop then we highly encourage you to try a Ethernet Cable.

A wired connection between the router and the PC is able to deliver a much stronger, stable and faster connection. You will also not be effected by any elements between your router and your Gaming PC.

Fix : Try a Wired Connection To Reduce Lag and Ping.

Wireless definitely has its advantages – however if you just simply want raw bandwidth to ensure that Realm Royale does not lag on you. Then change to a wired setup.

The good news is due to Windows 10 the process is relatively plug and play.

3: Close all other Software While Playing Realm Royale

Windows 10 is incredibly strong when it comes to running multiple processes at once. However if you’re Gaming Rig is not strong enough to handle multiple layers of software it may struggle.

This may deliver input lag for you and frame drops while you’re playing Realm Royale. A quick way to ensure if you’re Desktop is strong enough for this kind of work is to check your hardware specifications.

Fix: Bolster Performance By Closing Third Party Applications.

For Example Streaming & Recording Realm Royale is incredibly taxing on just one Gaming rig. Be sure to close all non-essential software to deliver the best experience when you’re playing on your PC.

Yes sadly this includes all browsers, music applications, streaming programmes and more.

4: Upgrade your Internet Provider To Reduce Ping.

Fibre BroadBand is quickly becoming a staple when it comes to hardcore or casual gaming on the PC. Stronger download speeds are able to deliver higher masses of bandwidth to players.

Games are starting to require more and more data from the user so it may be best to upgrade now to solve any high ping issues.

Fix : Improve your Ping by Upgrading your Internet Today.

It’s advisable to complete your research and look for the strongest provider within your area. This should allow you to play Realm Royale lag free.

Additionally to this faster download speeds will give you access to faster upload speeds for your PC and other Games.

5: Is your Router Faulty?

If you’re still struggling to find a solution on why your Games are lagging or you’re consistently still getting high ping. It maybe a outside factor effecting your connection.

How many other users are connected to your router? Is your Gaming PC Currently Updating applications While You Play?

Advice : How to seek a replacement for your Gaming Router.

There are numerous reasons that might effect your router. Something you can try to identify if your Router is faulty is to simply restart your connection.

Ask your provider for an additional router or seek a repair or replacement. Alternatively if any friends or colleagues are close ask them to give their equipment a try.

User Submitted Lag Fixes


Remember the first step to seeking a solution for Realm Royale lagging is to contact Hi Rez Studios. These guys will be able to assess the situation and hopefully deliver more updates which may patch the issue.

We have yet to experience any issues with Realm Royale Lagging however We will continue to update this guide with any fixes or solutions which work.

Realm Royale Release Date

Realm Royale Trailers, News, DLC and more…

“Hi-Rez Answers to FortNite and PUBG – The experience is great”

Alternatively you can reach out to fellow users on social forums to identify if other players are having the same problem.

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