Playstation Trophies Not Unlocking? How To Fix!

Sometimes Trophy hunting can be quite repetetive and greuling, sometimes we miss the slightest of details which may make all the difference.

Trophies, made popular by the Playstation 3 and Playstation network. Trophies help monitor your progress through your favourite games. They both help motivate gamers to push their skills to the extent and challenge the hardcore gamers to the more challenging of tasks. Once unlocked trophies show others games their accomplishments and allows for gamers and friends to compare and contrast. Sounds great, until they go wrong!

Over the years users have reported several issues with certain trophies not unlocking during the most crucial of times. Although there are various reasons for this to happen below we have narrowed down just some which seem to be the major culprits. So don’t distress any further if you are having issues with a certain trophy not unlocking then read on!


Unlocking Trophies Solution

Double Check The Trophy!

Sometimes Trophy hunting can be quite repetetive and greuling, sometimes we miss the slightest of details which may make all the difference. If your having issues with your trophies not unlocking then double check and re-read the requirements. Some may require you to play for a certain amount of time, on a certain difficulty, with a certain character or all together! It’s a simple thing to miss but just make sure you’re reading the requirements correclty to avoid embarassment.

Latest Game Update!

Trophies have not unlocked in the past due to out-dated versions of the game. Ensure that you’re always running the latest version of the game so you can stay current. Not only will this reduce the amount of in-game bugs that you may encounter but it also increases the chances of the trophy unlocking. Incorrect versions of the game can cause client incompatibility so this will disable all your achievment tracking in some games.

Cheating Is a Big No No!

It is not common knowledge but any kind of outside code or installed apps which allow you to edit your save files or modify your game will disable trophies. If you believe you may have accidently disabled achievements then you may have to create a new save file in order to unlock the trophy. Bummer!


Are You Connected To Playstation Network?

More than likely you are required to have a stable internet connection to unlock the trophy. If you’re not connected to playstation network that might be the reason why! Ensure you always have a strong connection to avoid future dissapointment.

If you have any other solutions for trophies which fail on Playstation 3, Playstation 4 or Playstation Network – then we would love to hear below and we will update accordingly!

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