Solutions For DLC Code And Keys Which Fail To Work

If Your DLC Code Says It Has Already Been Redeemed Or Is Not Valid Then We Can Give You Some Tips On What To Do.


It seems to be common place that games, collectors editions, limited editions and other various other packages come bundled with exciting DLC codes which grant you extra content for your game. Or they grant you access to online features, this is called an online pass. Or maybe you have paid that little bit extra for the Limited Edition version of the game and the code inside grants you access to features and abilities which other gamers do not have. This is all great however it can be very frustrating when you get home and you find that for some bizarre reason you cannot enter your code as either it has already been redeemed or it is not valid.

Well fear not as we have a few quick tips and solutions which you can try to sort your problem instantly and dispense any stress that you may have worked up.

1: DLC Code / Voucher / Key Has Already Been Redeemed:

This is a very common appearance for codes which are from retail copies of the game and is a little more rare when dealing with digital downloads. The quickest way of identifying the problem and finding out where the fault lies is to simply remember how you bought the game. For obvious reasons if the game was still sealed then it is unlikely that anyone has redeemed the code and this may just be a technical issue with the DLC code itself. If however you purchased the game and it was not sealed then the fault may lie with whoever sold you the game.

DLC Code / Voucher / Key Has Already Been Redeemed Solution:

If your game was sealed:

This is likely to be a minor error and you won’t be the only person to be effected. It is unlikely that the retailer will issue you a refund if your code did not work when the game was sealed. However if you contact customer support of the publisher or developer who makes the game then perhaps they would be happy to issue you with a replacement code. In order to do this though you will need to take a picture of both the game and receipt or proof of purchase to help them out. From experience the support team are happy to help out.

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If your game was not sealed:

If you purchased the game and it was given to you or sent to you brand new and without any kind of seal or shrink wrap over the product then the fault of the issue is probably down to the retailer themselves. For example if a customer returns a product brand new after using a code, sometimes that same product can be sold on brand new again as long as it is in mint condition. Obviously the staff are unaware if the code has been used or not.

If you have purchased a game and it was not sealed then before you leave the store please ask for a sealed copy to ensure that you have no issues with the DLC or code redemption. If you have already got home then you are entitled to take the item back to the store on the grounds that the item has been tampered with before sale. As long as you have proof of purchase they have no reason to refuse exchanging the copy of the game for another. If you purchased the game online then simply get in contact with the online store and I am sure they would be happy to help. You must contact them immediately though to tell them that the product was not sealed.

If you purchased the game online through E-bay or other Auction sites:

If you grabbed a bargain on E-bay and the item was listed as brand new and yet the code does not work then unfortunately there is not much you can do about it. If you attempt to send the item back the seller can claim that you have already used the code. It is very difficult to get your money back plus it causes a lot of stress and wasted time so if you are excited about a product. The ideal way of purchasing it is pre-ordering from the developers or publishers directly.

If you purchased the game pre-owned:

Although sometimes you may get lucky and you have bought a game which is pre owned the code may not be used. However if you attempt to use the DLC code or Online pass and it has already been redeemed then annoyingly there is not much you can do about it. Although online passes can be purchased at an extra cost, some exclusive content cannot be.

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2: DLC Code / Voucher / Key Is Not Valid:

Sometimes Pre-Order DLC or codes which are bundled inside collectors editions of games may not be valid. This is not an issue with the retailer and there isn’t much they can do to help you out. It is infuriating but this is one of those situations where being patient is a godsend.

DLC Code / Voucher / Key Is Not Valid Solution:

If you cannot redeem your code whether it is an online pass or DLC code then it may be due to an error on the developers side. If this is the case the retailer cannot issue you with an exchange as the other copy will have the same problem. However before you contact the developer please be sure to re-read the code and ensure that you have entered the code correctly and in upper case capitals to save confusion. If you have tried over and over again with no success, simply contact the support e-mail that most developers and publishers have. The contact details can either be found on their website or on the manual of the game.

3: DLC Code / Voucher / Key Did Work However My Content Isn’t There:

This can be a tricky one. If you have redeemed your code and it was successful however your content does not appear to be available then this is just a simple console error. If you attempt to enter the same code again then it will give you an error message saying that the code has already been redeemed (By you). In order to get your content back then return to the dashboard and delete the data files (not save files) of the game in question and re-download the content. If you choose to download it again it will not ask you for your key code however the common issue with content not downloading is a failed download.

If you are experiencing any issues with Pre Order codes not working or DLC codes which have already been redeemed and you have sorted the issue out. Let us know below on how you managed to fix the issue.