Gamers Guide To Manufacturers Warranty

A little confused about where you stand with your brand new console or game? Then relax! We got you covered!

Gamers Guide To Manufacturers Warranty

When it comes to gaming we take things pretty seriously. That’s why when the unlikely happens sometimes it can be quite frustrating. When I say unlikely I mean, faulty disks, corrupt data, broken consoles and other various things which may make our consoles or games un-playable. However when your brand new game or device breaks down on you – do you know where you stand? Well if you don’t then read on because we have you covered!

Most products which can be purchased on the high street or online come with standard warranties which are put in place by manufacturers to safe guard the customer and to help provide the customer reassurance in their item. It’s quite rare that when purchasing something brand new that you will get a fault however if it does happen then more than likely you’re covered.

The length of time that the warranty covers is different per company which has provided the product, in most cases it is roughly 12 months. Certain outlets offer a 2 year warranty on all their items however other retailers are known to give less. Regardless of the time, the warranty is basically a promise to repair, replace, exchange or refund the item if the product acquires a fault. That’s right so if your XBox One develops a fault within a certain time frame then you’re covered!

Warranties on Hardware

If you’re un-sure if you’re still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty then the easiest place to look is on your receipt of purchase. Most likely, the date of warranty will be stated and if you are indeed within that time frame then you are more than entitled to return the item to the store for a repair or replacement. Once you have obtained your replacement and you still have faults the stores may offer you a full refund for the item.

Ensure that there are no signs of accidental damage to the console or device as this may void your warranty and the outlet may not be able to help you out. It is quite common for most retail outlets to test the item first to ensure that there is a fault in hopes that they may fix it.

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If you purchased the item online then you may be instructed to ship the item back to the manufacturers instead of the retail outlet however this rule is completely reliant on the retail website in which you purchased the item. Online returns are a lot more forgiving however in order to get a replacement you will most likely have to dispatch your item back to them first.

Warranties on Software

Your latest game giving you grief? Some software is quite fragile, especially software which is reliant on DVD or cartridges. If you’re having issues with your games not reading or crashing and skipping then your game may be faulty. Regardless if it’s an optical disk, cartridge or memory stick then you’re still covered.

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Due to the nature of the product accidental damage plays a bigger role when it comes to getting replacements for software as disks are easily scratched or damaged when not placed back into their jewel cases. If you have a scratched disk then you can check out our complete guide at how to fix scratches. If no scratches are evident on the disk then the data itself may be faulty.

Take the software back to the place of purchase and they should have no issues with giving you a replacement. If you’re un-happy with this you may ask for an exchange to change the item for something else however this is entirely dependent on the retail outlet that you used.

If you’re having any issues with returning an item for a repair or replacement and are having difficulties in doing so – then tell us below!