Ubisoft have created something special with the epic addition of Far Cry 5. Unlike being in the wild we are now in mainland America dealing with some pretty interesting country folk. Far Cry 5 promises to bring incredibly fun run and gun action, hunting, fishing and so much more. Along the way we’ve created this guide which will have everything you will need to know.

Be sure to read below for all our Far Cry 5 Guides. Some of these guides include : Guns for hire and where to find them, a complete missions dossier, a whole arsenal and weapons list with tips and hints to how you unlock them. That’s not all : Perk Skill tree guides with details on how to unlock, challenges guide and tips on how to achieve them, a quick look at the vehicles available within Far Cry 5. As well as a complete Achievements list for the game and a comprehensive Map which features the locations of a variety of awesome stuff within the game.

So read below to gain access to everything you need to know about Far Cry 5. Enjoy!

Far Cry 5 Complete Guide :