God of War 4 Gullveig Desecrated Maiden Boss Guide

A Guide to bringing down Gullveig The Desecrated Maiden on Any Difficulty.

Gullveig is one of the Sub-Bosses featured within God of War 4 on Playstation 4. It maybe decieving but Gullveig looks similar to one of the revenants that you may have previously fought. However we can assure you packs a much bigger punch and much more threat than other enemies.

If you’re having trouble defeating Gullveig on then we’ve got you covered. Below you will find a tonne of tips and hints on how to deal with the Poison Revenant on harder difficulties.

God of War 4 – Gullveig The Desecrated Maiden – Boss Guide

Gullveig is a Revenant within God of War 4. However previous enemies that you may have fought may not have had the poison status effect that Gullveig Features. Be sure to keep your distance.

Gullveig will have a protective shroud in place at all times. This shield allows him to have significant defence against Kratos melee attacks and most arrows.

Attacking This boss while the shroud and shield is up will not only nullify your damage but also cause you a significant loss of health.

As discussed before even attempting to attack Gullveig with Arrow attacks will result in little to no damage inflicted.

God of War 4 – Disabling Gullveig’s Shroud – Boss Guide

In order to disable the shield protecting the revenant you will need to enable Atreus to shoot Gullveig. This will disable the shroud allowing you to unleash your onslaught of attacks.

Consecutive melee attacks once the shroud is disabled will deal a significant amount of damage and you will suffer little to no resistance if timed perfectly.

God of War 4 – Using Spartan Rage on Gullveig – Boss Guide

Be sure to time it well but it’s important to utilize your Spartan Rage when the time is right. Once you see that the shroud is disabled enter your Spartan Rage mode. This will deliver a fury of attacks which will deal massive amounts of damage.

As you battle your Spartan Rage will build allowing you to access it over time. However once activated do not waste it.

God of War 4 – Gullveig Becomes Stronger over time – Boss Guide

Gullveig after sustaining heavy damage will inflict more and more status ailments and damage over time. This can be particularly worrying especially when you forget to check your health status.

It’s difficult to avoid the Poison effects once you have been inflicted. Be sure to utilize blocking when available so you dont soak up more damage than necessary.

Due to the intense damage output form Gullveig you may need to attempt the boss two or three times in order to beat him on harder difficulties.

God of War 4 – Staying Healthy while Fighting Gullveig – Boss Guide

Keeping your health high throughout the course of the fight will have a huge amount of benefits. Not only will you be able to sustain the larger hits from the beastly Revenant. But you will also be able to endure longer time periods while being poisoned.

As GullVeig nears death he will become much more dangerous so be sure not to rush the encounter. Once you have learned the attack pattern of Gullveig and you have mastered the shroud mechanism.

Gullveig should no longer be an issue.

This concludes our God of War 4 Gullveig Boss Walkthrough – Happy Hunting.