How To Protect Your Game From Corrupt Save Data

Follow These Nice And Simple Steps In Protecting Your Save Data To Protect It From Corruption


Corrupt save data is a major issues especially with more and more consoles and platforms using internal hard drives. Once save data becomes corrupt it is usually irreversible. If when you are saving your game the console is turned off or an error shows itself then there is a good chance that the save data itself has become corrupt. There is no easy way of fixing the problem however below is a few tips and hints to prevent it from happening in the future and recovering your safe data.

1: Recovering your save data. (Xbox 360 / PS 3)

Although this is not a 100% fix it seems that if you clear your system cache on either your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 then it may allow you to load up the save file. However as stated before it is very unlikely that this will work.

2: Do not turn off the console or computer while it is saving.

Once you see the loading sign be sure to not turn off the console or begin an action which may entice the game to crash. For example do not eject the game disc or fiddle too much with the dashboard settings as this may clog up the console causing a hard crash.

3: Save often.

Take these words on board as it may prevent any tears in the future. If you are working on any projects or your well into your game then be sure to save often. If you have an earlier save file saved on your console then this will allow you to revert back to this save in the event of any corrupted data.

If you have personally had to deal with corrupted save data then please be sure to mention below in the comments section on how you dealt with the problem.