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Shining Resonance News
Shining Resonance News

Shining Resonance is the brand New JRPG and Story Driven game from Sega and Media Vision. The Game features a in-depth story, incredible design elements and gorgeous character design.

Shining Resonance Sega Information.

Sega are taking the helm on the, design, creation and release of Shining Resonance. Overtime they will be releasing more and more information regarding the current status of Shining Resonance.

Shining Resonance Sega INFORMATION

You can reach out to Sega with the above support form. Alternatively you can always follow them on their available social hubs to get the latest regarding Shining Resonance.

Shining Resonance Trailer & Gameplay Footage.

The Below trailer is the Shining Resonance Refrain Announcement Trailer. The Game features beuatiful graphic elements, promises a story driven campaign and an exciting Battle System.

Remember Shining Resonance will be available on All Platforms. So be sure to pick up your Copy Later This Month.

Shining Resonance Release Date.

We will be updating this article overtime with any changes, rumours or alterations to Shining Resonance’s release date. If Sega has any news regarding any delays or push backs then we will also be covering that to ensure you’re not disappointed.

Currently Shining Resonance is scheduled to be released on [10th July 2018].

Shining Resonance Release DateSega have revealed that you will be able to Purchase and enjoy Shining Resonance on the following platforms. Release dates may differ due to format exclusivity.


PRE-ORDER Shining Resonance Today!

It is common for games to be released with various bonuses as well as additional content, merchandise and more if you order before release. So ensure you’re ahead of the game by pre-purchasing Shining Resonance from Developer.

Below we have listed some popular retailers that may have unique content with their versions of Shining Resonance.

Pre-Order From Amazon.

Possibly the most popular retailer in the entire world. Amazon crush their competitors with their incredibly fast delivery times – access to exclusive content – generous refund policy and more.

Pre-Order Shining Resonance from Amazon today and subscribe to Amazon Prime. You will receive benefits such as Twitch Prime, free delivery and more.

Check Out GAME.UK

Although sometimes a bit more expensive GAME do cater to their fans and ensure that all orders are accounted for and dispatched in good time for release date. GAME also host a lot of DEVELOPER exclusives which you are unable to get from anywhere else.

You also rack up loyalty card points for purchasing online via the GAME website – so be sure to start redeeming those points and get some big discounts on your next games!

Cheaper Alternatives at CEX.

If you’re struggling for cash and you’re still interested on picking up Shining Resonance. Then there are other options – especially if you live within some parts of Europe and the UK. Second Hand retailer – CEX are now accepting Trade-ins on all your un-wanted games to put towards Shining Resonance.

**Important** Sometimes DLC Codes which may come with Shining Resonance on release may not be valid if you pick up a Pre-owned copy. Contact DEVELOPER for more details.

Shining Resonance on XBox One / XB1.

Pre-Order On XBox One.

Released November 2013 the XBox One has been in circulation for more than 3 years and already has a wealth of games and media available to it. Currently focusing on the strengths of its online connectivity.

XBox Live integrates millions of players all over the world with the ability to play together, talk and stream. Shining Resonance will be joining its healthy catalogue of games both online and offline.

If a Physical copy of Shining Resonance from DEVELOPER is not available for XBox One. Then you will be able to digital download the game ready for release date and after from the Microsoft Store.

The XBox one isnt the strongest consoles when it comes to Available JRPG games however Shining Resonance will certainly be a breath of fresh air. Be sure to utilize xbox gold to gain access to all available features from the game.

Shining Resonance Guides for XBox One.

We will be updating this article overtime with any and all guides which we may feature for DEVELOPER and Shining Resonance on XBox One.

Shining Resonance on Play Station 4 / PS4.

Pre-Order on Playstation 4 Today.

The primary competition in terms of house hold Gaming Consoles to the XBox is the Playstation 4. Sony developed and released the PS4 back in November 2013 and since then has dominated the market as one of the most powerful gaming consoles available.

It’s important to note that Playstation Plus maybe required to access all Online features of Shining Resonance. Similar to the XBox One. If a Physical copy is not released by DEVELOPER then you will be able to Pre-Order and download Shining Resonance from the Playstation Store.

The Home of the JRPG. Shining Resonance will be available on PlayStation 4. Be sure to use PlayStation Plus to get access to all available features online.

Shining Resonance Guides for Play Station 4.

On Release and After release Day we will be bringing you all the necessary Guides for Shining Resonance on Playstation 4. .

Shining Resonance on Nintendo Switch / NS.

Pre-Order on Switch TodayDEVELOPER has confirmed that Shining Resonance will be released for Nintendo Switch. The Switch brings a whole new level to family gaming and portable gaming. The switch has become more and more popular over time since its release of March 2017.

If you cannot source a Physical copy of Shining Resonance from the above retailers then you will be able to purchase a Digital download to store on your Switch. You can do this via the Nintendo Store.

Shining Resonance will be joining a growing list of incredible Story Driven games available on the Nintendo Switch. Get your Story Fix on the move while using your Nintendo Switch.

Shining Resonance Guides for Switch

Check Back here for some featured Guides for Shining Resonance on the Nintendo Switch.

Shining Resonance on PC / LAPTOP.

Pre-Order on PC / Laptop Today.

DEVELOPER has confirmed that Shining Resonance will be available to digitally download on your PC, Desktop and Gaming Laptop. Unlike house hold consoles – Playing Shining Resonance on a Gaming Rig will give you access to increased details and smoother frame rates.


DEVELOPER will be working closely with the Gaming Client STEAM. This client will be necessary for you to Pre-Order and gain access to all exclusive content Shining Resonance has to offer.

Pre-Order on Steam Today.

It will also provide necessary updates, content expansions and more overtime. Pre-Order Shining Resonance from STEAM today.

Shining Resonance is looking to be an incredibly visually appealing title. So be sure to enjoy the Full HD Experience with your Gaming Rig or Gaming Laptop.

Shining Resonance Guides for PC.

We will be sourcing all the details together ready for Shining Resonance. We will then feature Guides for Shining Resonance on PC Here.