What Is a Laser Burn and How To Fix It!

Oh that's frustrating. Your disc wont play and theres a perfect ring on your disk? Yup that's a laser burn!

How To Fix Laser Burn

There are various reasons why a CD / DVD / Blu-Ray may not play for example scratches, scrapes, dents but the most popular reason why your game won’t play or your music is skipping is due to a Laser Burn. A laser burn typically looks like a perfect ring on the data layer of your disk and are the most infuriating thing to remove without the proper equipment. There are various rumours online that will claim that you can “fix” laser burn however the only ways we have found are listed below and even then, there is a slim chance the disk may never work again.

What Is A Laser Burn?

Mostly inflicted by Gaming consoles which are moved while they are playing. The laser burn is due to the laser getting too close to the disc and slightly burning the disk which gives it that appearance of a faded plastic colour. This disallows for the laser to read the data in the future as it is clouded.

You can avoid Laser burns by keeping your Games consoles laying flat. Do not stand them, although they still work they are at risk of falling or moving. Place a solid mat below your console to ensure there is no reason it would slide. Or place the console in a confined space in which it cannot move. Be sure to remember breathing room for the console though or you may run into heating problems.

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How To Fix Laser Burn or Scratched Discs.

Depending on the intensity of the scratch or laser burn then a mild cloth may be able to reduce the issue until it is at a readable state. However if this is not the case then simply head down to your nearest game retailer and they will be sure to have a ‘buff’ machine which can take thin layers off discs in order to erase the marks.

The Buff machines use a cleaning fluid which helps polish out the burn or scratch at a rapid speed however this can only be done so many times to a singular disc or you risk cracking it as every time you clean the disc you injure the structure of it. Most retailers will not charge you for this service or may ask you to pay a small charity donation, however it is well worth it.

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Any other home tactics of removing scratches and burns will more than likely damage the product even further. At no point should you place any acidic liquids or fruit (yes some people smother banana peels into discs) to your disc or once again you may damage it further.

Cex / GAME are the most popular retailers in the UK whom offer this service.

What Machines Do They Use?

There are two particular machines which I see in circulation and that is:

Disc-Go-Devil Repair Machine

This little bundle of fun is a small box which sits on any flat surface. You have two liquids which feed into the machine. A cleaning solution and then water to smooth the process out. You can purchase one for Amazon however last time I checked they have a juicy retail value of £300+. If you’re interested in cleaning your discs it may be a worthy investment. Each machine comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty and TDR (Total Disc Repair) have a stellar customer service team.

Eco-Pro 2 

Another similar machine to the one above. You need additional liquids to aid the machine however the Eco Pro 2 comes with various different features depending on what kind of disc you are cleaning. However these machines are a bit more heavy hitting on the wallet as you must buy them directly from the manufacturer and the advertised price is over £900 ex vat.

Blu-Ray Scratch Resistant Disks

Unlike DVD’s & CDs. Blu-Ray disks have a scratch resistant layer on them which makes damaging them a pretty mean feat. If at ever you experience a Blu-Ray scratch then the method of cleaning them and buffering them is the same however you will need to use the machine. Thankfully the PS4 / PS3 / Xbox One / Wii U makes use of high quality BLU-Ray disks which makes the 360 Laser burn a thing of the past.