PLAYSTATION 4 Overheating Fix, Solution and Cleaning Guide

The Playstation 4 is powerful but overtime if you allow your Console to suck in the dust particles for too long the grime and dirt will build up

Playstation 4 Overheating Guide

Over the years gaming consoles have gone from strength to strength in terms of raw power, performance, speed and utilities. However they have also got a lot hotter! The same can be said with the Playstation 4. Despite its sleek style, tonne of power and even more features, when not treated with the right care can sometimes overheart. Overheating consoles may cause a variety of different issues such as crashing, freezing, long loading times and more. Prolonged playing time at a certain heat can also cause permanant damage to your console however it is very unlikely it would ever get far, unless you have your console in a furnace.

The Playstation 4 utilizes a pretty powerful cooling system and it is quite rare for users to report an over-heating problem. However Over time your console will suck in just about anything while trying to get a cool air-flow, this includes dust, hair and more. So we have created this guide to give you a few tips and pointers on how you can keep your Xbox One clean, cool and running super speedy!

Ensure You Have Plenty Of Room.

The Playstation 4 is designed to suck in fresh air from around the console in order to provide a perfect airflow through the console. Any kind of restrictions will disallow the cooling system and fans from doing their job. You need to ensure that your console is placed in a location in which it can get that fresh air. Closed cabinets and shelfing units with back boards are unhealthy for your console. Any closed in compartments in which your console will recycle warm air is a big no no! Failure to give your Playstation 4 breathing room may cause permanant damage in the future. Do yourself a favour now and ensure that it has room to breath.

Cleaning Your Playstation 4.

The Playstation 4 is powerful but overtime if you allow your Console to suck in the dust particles for too long the grime and dirt will build up. This will restrict sufficient airflow and will generally generate more heat. This is bad news for console owners as over-heating consoles may suffer crashes, freezing issues, pro-longed loading times and even worse may cause permanant damage to the console. You can purchase a can of condensed air from your local outlet or online which will be ideal at moving stubborn dust build ups. Follow the guide below to get a fresh cycle once again in your console.

We recommend grabbing yourself a can of condensed air which will make the process easier. It is in-expensive and available quite easily online.

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It is recommended that you turn off your console before attempting to clean the inside with the condensed air.

Cleaning Your Playstation 4 Front Area

Grabbing a dry cloth and brushing down the front of your console and around the Blu-Ray drive is an easy task. Also be sure to utilize the straw tool on your condensed air to spray the front USB ports to reduce risk of connectivity issues.

Cleaning Your Playstation 4 Side Vents

The side vents are quite difficult to access however when  using the Condensed air. Hold your console at an angle and spray inside to release and dislodge any stuck dirt and grime. Freeing up space from these parts will increase ventilation around your Playstation 4.

Cleaning Your Playstation 4 Rear Vents

Cleaning the rear of your Playstation 4 is vital. Un-clog your Playstation 4 fans by spraying the condesened air inisde the console to remove any dirt and grime. Once you unlodge it your Playstation 4 fans will be able to eject the dirt from the console. Your Console may be hottest at the rear so it is important you perform this task well. Once you’re finished grab a dry cloth and wipe down the console to remove any debris.


It is advisable that you clean your console once every month. This will reduce risk of experiecinging any issues such as crashing, freezing or long loading times. If you are still experiencing faults with your console then it maybe faulty in which you should seek the support of Sony. However if it is still under warranty then you are entitled to an exchange. However you risk losing data stored on your console such as saves. The good news is you can now utilize the cloud storage to save your data in which it will allow you to download your data once you have setup a new console.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your consoles, then post below and we will help come to a solution.